Virtual Delivery

Last year was one of the most challenging times for all of us in childcare and health and social care. Everyone has had to make changes and adjustments, both personally and professionally. The ongoing situation has impacted almost every aspect of lives and professional development is no exception.

After many providers expressed an interest in accessing further training and development in this way, we decided to launch our virtual delivery.

These sessions are delivered fully online but still feel like face-to-face training sessions with other practitioners joining in as well.

The sessions are built with the learners’ experience in mind; attendees are invited to take part in quizzes and breakout rooms or discussions. Everyone can contribute and share their thoughts on the topic in hand.

Of course some of the stresses of attending a physical session is removed as providers can attend from the comfort of their own setting. Our flexible approach means that sessions can be planned around the providers busy schedule. Practitioners can access the classroom from a smartphone or tablet as well as a laptop or a desk computer. Full IT support is given to anyone struggling with the system.

We understand the importance of well-being, but tickly in this difficult time and aim to break this up into short sessions with regular comfort breaks so that everyone takes time out from looking at the screen when needed. Sessions are also tailored to specific audiences such as committee groups setting managers on as well or they are suitable for practitioners working within their own sector.

Our virtual delivery has been designed to support corporate related questions and help providers make up-to-date with all the latest development well offering practical ideas.

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