Information on the mental health health free course

Relevant handouts reading material will be sent out by myself to each candidate and at the end I will give out a certificate of achievement/ attendance for their own individual CPD file.

Week one Identifying stress/anxiety learning about assessment and measurement tools. What is anxiety and how it affects you physically and emotionally Panic attacks. How anxiety stress has a knock-on effect, on other work colleagues What I am doing wrong and how I can change my behaviour and lifestyle etc. Overcoming fear
Week two What type of help should I give myself and and others suffering from stress/anxiety. What self-help is available books apps videos etc. NHS guidelines and NHS psychological services, what ( IAPT) improving access to psychological therapy is and how it works, Online information that is available. Guided self-help Mindfulness
Week three What is depression? Identifying common symptoms Measuring levels of depression assessment tools Behavioural activation Negative thinking and challenging negative thoughts
Week four Recap on key learning points Talk about CBT how sessions work questions and answers Talk about the British Association of behavioural and cognitive therapy (BABCP) there Job and the role of accreditation supervision and accountability as a professional body. Questionnaire and feedback

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