Short Synopsis of the External Quality Assurance Monitoring Report April 2020

The Director- Hazel – is very hands on and involved in all aspects of the business and has a clear understanding of how to access information on the CACHE website and associated documents. All assessments take place using a blended approach, some are paper-based and others on E-Portfolio – QualsDirect.

There are a range of methods of assessment used, which include Written evidence, Observations of Practice, Professional Discussions and Work Products which support the learner’s attainment. Learner portfolios (paper based) are extremely well presented and professionally developed, with a logical order of evidence.

Overall, the assessment and feedback (formative and summative) is robust, supportive and developmental with clear guidance on what the learner has done well and what needs to be added to improve the work. The support is evident and provides clear guidance and direction to the learners.

There is a consistent approach to IQA across the centre and all decisions are made in line with the specifications. The IQA feedback is strong, precise and with clear guidance and all areas for improvement given to the assessor where those have been identified. On the E-Portfolios there is a tick-box followed by a box which allows the IQA to provide further feedback to the assessor and this is being used appropriately.

Learner Feedback:

Training for People that Care are so supportive, reassuring and always at the end of the phone. Available to talk me through sections I didn’t quite understand and went through everything in detail, level of support they provided was brilliant!


Training for People that Care has made a great start to providing the CACHE qualifications within this new centre. There has been good progress made in implementing many of the recommendations identified in the previous review and any further recommendations identified in this review will go a long way in supporting the quality and integrity of the CACHE qualifications.

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