Well, where has this last year gone?.

Today I had our external quality assurance visit from NCFE CACHE.

Our report was excellent and I must thank everyone who has been involved with “Training for people that care”.In particular a special thanks must go to the many marvellous energetic committed students that makes this such an amazing profession.

The full report is available, but these are some of the key points.

The organisation was founded in June 2018 and they have been building the business from there, delivering non-funded qualifications, at present.

The centre are looking at delivering some funded qualifications such as Apprenticeships, but are awaiting the confirmation from their RoATP application.

Hazel Eastwood-Powell (Owner/Director) is very hands on and has a clear understanding of how to access information on the CACHE website and the associated documents.

The team meet on a regular basis face to face and also WhatsApp meetings take place. We discussed at length the meetings and how the team are trying to make these as cost-effective as possible. The SMT also meet regularly and the information relating to the learners and CACHE brand are discussed and evaluate what is working and what isn’t.

A SAR and QIP are in place and these are available of the website.

Within the centre, regular meetings take place with learners and they have a learner contract that includes the GLH which links to them completing the additional resources to the website as well as completing independent study. There is evidence that the centre are generally,, downloading the latest qualification specifications to ensure that the current GLH are being met.

On the E-Portfolio, there is an area that records the time that learners access this as well as the resources that are fit for purpose.

All learners are registered within approximately two weeks. The Director is confident with the NCFE Portal.

All evidence of learners work was presented at this EQA review and access given to the E-Portfolio learners (even those that had just started).

So it’s official everything is going in the right direction

Well done everyone.